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Sh*t House Mom’s say…

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… sh*t strippers say

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… in other strip club news

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Bourbon Street strip club cheated dancers out of wages

An exotic dancer is suing Bourbon Street strip club Rick’s Cabaret on claims the business refused to pay wages and siphoned off tips to hundreds of its women performers.

The lawsuit claims that Rick’s Cabaret improperly classified dancers as independent contractors — rather than regular employees — to cheat them out of pay, overtime wages and tips.

More than 300 women have worked as dancers without being paid minimum wages, the lawsuit says.

The dancers  should be classified as tipped workers under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and are therefore entitled to at least $2.13-per-hour and to pocket all of their tips, Moncheski’s lawyer, Alexandra Mora, wrote in the suit.

Instead, Rick’s Cabaret only paid the women in tips from customers for their semi-nude  performances, the lawsuit claims, and dancers were forced to share tips  with the owners.

When performing for customers in private rooms, the business charged  the dancers “rent” for using the space, according to the lawsuit.


Dancers who wear very little at the Downtown strip club Blush also sometimes earn very little, a former dancer claims in a federal lawsuit.

“Indeed, after paying all fees, fines and tip-outs, plaintiff has on several occasions taken home compensation of $30 or less for an eight-or-more-hour shift,” the lawsuit by Katisha Correll says.

The lawsuit says Blush dictates most aspects of the dancers’ work, including which shifts they work, what clothes they wear, which songs they dance to and in what order they dance.

The club also requires dancers to accept “Blu Money” from customers, the lawsuit says. The customers pay $110 for 100 “Blu” dollars, but the club only pays the dancers $90 when they cash them back in, the lawsuit says.

Attorney sends check to suspended police chief

Bryant Police Chief Mark Kizer remained on unpaid administrative leave this week, but a complete stranger sent Kizer a check to help offset costs.

Chief Kizer is in some hot water over eating at a steakhouse that also serves as a gentlemen’s club while on a business trip in Orlando, Fla.

The city council placed Kizer on a one-week unpaid suspension for this week, but he still received a paycheck even thought it wasn’t signed by the city.

The $58 was to cover the steak dinner, and the extra $100 was a little something extra for being suspended without pay.

Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs, and city attorney Chris Madison said they have advised Kizer to not accept the check, because it is a violation of ethics for appointed officials.

According to bank records Friday afternoon that check had yet to be cashed.

A New York federal judge in September ruled in favor of more than 1,900 current and former dancers who sued Rick’s Cabaret in New York City for classifying them as independent contractors and not paying them minimum wage.


SN: I’ll be making copies of these articles and just causally leave them laying so dancer’s can see them. Because this sounds alot like the club where I worked.

Via~  The Times-Picayune Greater New Orleans

Huffington Post

The Spirit of Arkansas

Strip Club Randomness

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…sh*t House Moms say

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Some nights go by so easy and other nights …….

Aunt Cathy

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In the middle of a very busy and chaotic shift one of my dancers pulls a urn out of purse. Me and two other dancers immediately stopped what we were doing and stared. My first instinct was to knock it out of her hand but I didn’t. I asked her if it was what I thought it was? She then says to me “oh this…yeah this is my aunt Cathy…I take her everywhere, she’s my good luck charm.” I tell her that most people carry a rabbits foot, 4 leaf clover maybe even a house shoe for good luck. But you carry around your aunts urn. Okkkkk….

Another dancer turns to me and says well does aunt Cathy have to pay a house fee because if I brought another woman with me she would have to pay a house fee. I looked at her and said you make a valid point and walked back to my desk.

Oh Xanax God’s where art thou?

For those who are hard to comprehend:

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For those who are hard to comprehend:

Sometimes the ladies “forget” so I have to remind them by placing signs all around the dressing room.

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