Beyonce & JayZ show strippers love

Does Beyonce & Jay Z have a love for the strippers??

Beyonce and Jay-Z may seem like your average celeb couple with a little family and a big career, but apparently they like to get freaky in secret. At least that is what a new “blind item” seems to insinuate.

According to this piece, which is so obviously about Bey and Jay, the couple enjoy the company of strippers and Jay encourages B to get busy with women as much as she wants.

“A source has confirmed that she and [Her husband] have an adventurous sex life. He has encouraged her to step out of the box and do things she wouldn’t do like enjoying the company of other women in bed. They have been known to pop up at upscale strip clubs. [Her husband] even encouraged her to start hooking up with women. Which helps keep their love life spicy,” said the source.

It’s not really surprising since a lot of celebs seem to be totally crazy and wild behind closed doors–and some like to show off their wild side, like Rihanna.

Do you believe that Beyonce and Jay-Z are really like this or is this just some random thing popping up to make it seem like they are a bit more wild than they are?

via Linda Shaw


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