… in other strip club news


Bad dad of the year nominee Andrew Sosa left his 4-month-old daughter in the car, covered in vomit and dehydrated, while he went to a Florida strip club, police say.

Sosa, 21, was arrested and charged with child neglect late Friday when he left his baby inside a locked car at Lookers strip club. A witness flagged down an officer, who was forced to smash a window to get the baby out when he couldn’t find a caretaker nearby.

The baby was reportedly sweating and sick. She was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for dehydration.


Horry County has to start abiding by stricter new laws. Seven businesses were ticketed shortly after midnight Wednesday — all cited for violating the hours of operation.

The new laws caused quite a bit of controversy over the summer when they were passed, but the county gave owners several months to comply with the new regulations. The grace period ended at midnight on Wednesday, and one part of the change was to operate as a nightclub or restaurant or move to an area zoned for strip clubs.



An Austin police sex crimes detective visited an East Austin strip club — not for work, but as a customer — in his city-owned, unmarked patrol car and while on call to respond to sexual assaults and reports of Peeping Toms and indecent exposure.

Austin police officials suspended Detective Lawrence “Lee” Davis



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