No longer exclusive to the gentlemen’s club, pole dancing is now a popular fitness regime available in your local gym and dance studio. Contrary to popular belief, pole dancing is a respectable form of fitness that is being welcomed in households all over the country and around the globe. The basics of the art are the combination of performance and acrobatics highlighting flexibility, stamina, and endurance.

Dr. Kelly Schinke, an instructor at Aerial Dance Pole Exercise and licensed doctor of psychology. “Pole dancing increases serotonin and dopamine, the ‘feel good’ chemicals in our brains, which is how antidepressant medications work,” said Schinke. “It increases endorphins which act as analgesics against physical pain and promote euphoria. It improves sleep, energy levels, concentration, and decision making.”

Pole dancing is more than what meets the eye — it’s a performance that deserves an encore. As the popularity of pole dancing increases, men and women are installing personal poles in their households and even performing in competitions. There are even talks of pole dancing being recognized as an olympic sport. The benefits of pole dancing go past the physical gains of muscle. More importantly, it builds the “inner” self.

via~ A Pole for Your Soul by Tene Young


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