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DEABenjamin Mejias was arrested following an undercover bust by real FBI agents and Orlando police. He has been pretending to be an agent for nearly 10 years and that the power of his fake DEA badge got him VIP service at local clubs and other perks.

When investigators went to Mejias’ house, they found guns, handcuffs, a bulletproof vest, a Drug Enforcement Administration identification card and a real badge they believe he was using to live his life as a fake DEA agent, they said.

The owner of one club told Craig off-camera that Mejias walked around like he owned the place, showed his badge, often came with a handful of women, got free drinks and demanded VIP service.


Stripper fired for being pregnant

The lawsuit, which was filed earlier this month, claims that Pin Ups owners misclassified A’Cire Newby and Amanda Berry as independent contractors rather than employees, paying them only gratuities from customers and not minimum wage or overtime when they worked more than 40 hours in a week.

But the lawsuit claims the club management regulated all aspects of their work including hours, time and manner of dancing, attire, and how they interacted with customers.

It also says club managers fined dancers for arriving late, if they didn’t appear onstage when their names were called, or if they weren’t dressed and ready on the club floor within 30 minutes of arriving. And management demanded daily fees from $35 to $95, including “bar fees,” “DJ fees,” “breathalyzer test fees,” “leave early fees” and even “slow day fees,” the lawsuit claims.

Pin Ups management, however may have strong arguments against the dancers, he said.

“One of those will be that the fact that no wages were ever paid,” Carlson said. “To the average citizen, if a company is not paying you a salary, you are not an employee.”

He pointed to a similar lawsuit filed in 2009 against Galardi South Enterprises, Inc., by dancers of the Atlanta adult club The Onyx.

In that case, which club owners settled last year with 73 past and current entertainers, U.S. District Judge Richard W. Story ruled that the dancers were employees, while noting “Onyx does not pay any wages to the entertainers,” according to court documents.

The settlement awarded the Onyx dancers $1.55 million, or roughly $21,233 per dancer, according to court records.



You want a reimbursement for what??

A police chief is facing a 5 day suspension without pay after turning in a travel expense for a strip club in Orlando. recipt

Mark Kizer turned in a travel expense from an upscale strip club in Orlando. The upscale strip club is is called Rachel’s Gentlemen’s Club which also brands itself as a steak house.

In fact, Kizer’s expense report was for a steak dinner and the restaurant/strip club was recommended to him by his hotel concierge.

via Tampa Bay 10 News


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