Strippers and Funerals

The strippers are simply doing their job of entertaining the dead and helping loved ones overcome their grief. They are integral to the healing process for bereaved families and their performance is part of a larger cultural trend that places an emphasis on happiness and celebration, even in death.

Since the practice is technically illegal, not much has been written about the girls themselves aside from Mark Moskowitz’s interview in the Taipei Times. In it, he talks about how the girls, who start dancing as young as 16, are required to undergo rigorous training before earning the title of funeral stripper.

Moreover, they don’t see themselves as being exploited or objectified. But rather, they do it as a means to earn a living and also out of passion for performing. I agree with Chloe Cross from Vice that as long as no one is forcing the girls to strip and both sides are having a good time, then this practice shouldn’t be a problem.

via Dana Ter

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