Strip Club Survival Tips

Before you head out to night. Take a look at this 10 Survival Tip for strip clubs complied by Digital Journal.


10. Tipping… It Isn’t Just for Cows Nothing guarantees you a boring and  uneventful experience like sitting in the corner and not tipping the  entertainers. Tipping is standard practice at a gentlemen’s club  (or gentleman’s club) and does not need to be over the top in order to enjoy  yourself. If you are sitting at the stage, the etiquette is to tip each girl per  song. Tipping on the heavy side is also a great way to let a particular dancer  know you’re into her.

9. Dance Specials Ahh, nothing sets the internal lap dance alarms off like  a DJ announcing a dance special at 200 miles per hour.  2 for 1’s and 3 for 2’s  are the equivalent of the furniture store commercials involving some guy in a  jester hat screaming, “Everything must gooooo!”  If you are holding out for a  dance and you hear a special announced, take advantage of the discounted rate  and extended time.

8. How Many Dances A very common mistake is agreeing to one dance with an  entertainer and then realizing 10 minutes have passed and thinking to yourself, “Wow this girl must really dig me!” Although she may like you, you will get up  to realize you’ve bought 4 dances and what you thought you were spending has  just quadrupled. Although this doesn’t happen as much anymore, realize when the  dance begins and ends.

7. Avoid the Drive of Shame No one wants to leave the club reeking of  vanilla and looking like they were motor boated by Tinkerbell. Yes, some  entertainers have still not realized glitter and heavy perfume have men driving  home in horror while picking at their face and rubbing car fresheners on their  chest.  If the entertainer’s skin partially blinds you and the potent perfumes  are apparent before she even sits down, just say no.

6. No Thank You If you want to get a dance from every entertainer that  asks you, by all means go for it. But if you don’t want to spend your money  faster than you can pull it from the ATM, realize it is okay to say no to a  dance. Being polite is completely necessary, but its okay to wait for the girl  you like.

5. Cash is King It’s pretty bad if you need to use the ATM to pay the  cover, bring cash. Usually the clubs will exchange large bills for singles, but  knowing how much cash you have is smart. You can tip easily and know what you  are spending.

4. Bottle = Service Many clubs keep the best seats open for bottle  service. Depending on how many people are in your party, do the bottle service  math, often times it’s the same price you would all spend on individual drinks.  Forget about flagging down a server every 8 minutes, get some good seats, and  serve yourselves.

3. Plan Or Stand Chances are if the gentlemen’s club (or gentleman’s club) is good, it’s going to  be crowded. Standing shoulder to shoulder with your buddy and a total stranger  can drive you insane. It also doesn’t help that the 6’ 4” guy standing two  inches in front of you is practically giving you a lap dance. If they are  offered, make the reservation and guarantee yourself seats.

2. Get the Girl You see the girl you want to spend some time with but she  doesn’t see you or is trying to sell dances to other customers. Why wait around  and hope she stops by your table? Ask a staff member to get her attention and  bring her over.  We also suggest asking for a manager and have him or her  explain how the club works.

1. Know the Code Adidas pants, flip flops, and tank tops are just a few of  the items that will have you doing the walk of shame back to the parking lot,  and yes, your friends will go into the club without you. Most higher end clubs  have a dress code, check it beforehand because you may have to dress for  access.

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One Response to “Strip Club Survival Tips”

  1. I used to be a bartender at a full nude strip club in Houston Texas and wrote quite a bit about it, which is why I like your blog so much, I like the different perspectives. If you are interested you can search “Scorpion Sting’s Bartender Stories” and a handful of choices will show up. I had 100s more but Google decided to eat the blog one day last year so I could only recover a percentage of the stories. I add to this category all the time. I would like to “copy” a few of your posts and link back to here for ownership. Also, if there were any you wanted to use that can be arranged as well.

    I like it when Survival Tips come from the inside, but I have seen some cool customer tips as well. Have a great day.

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