OMG! We’re Totally Loving These Barbies With Natural Hair! [PHOTOS]

This has nothing to do with my blog but its so awesome I had to REBLOG.


8860139Natural hair Barbie dolls are officially a thing! California mom, Karen Byrd grew weary of seeing all types of Barbie dolls on the market with straight hair only, so she decided to start her own company, producing customized dolls with natural hair styles of all types. Natural Girls Unitedtakes straight-haired dolls of different skin shades and customizes them with big, beautiful natural hairstyles.

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Byrd’s stock of beautiful natural dolls are almost sold out. She’s currently expanding her company to Australia, the UK and Africa. There’s even a growing waiting list to provide customers with this exquisite dolls. As there should be! It’s very rare to see women of color properly represented in dolls. Most of the time, the skin is a bit darker, but the hair is still silky-straight.

Byrd told Huffington Post, “I…

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