Club Lil Brazil

I visited Atlanta this past spring and found myself at Little Brazil. After a night of hitting up a few of my cousin-in-law favorite local spots. Neither one of us were ready to head home. We heard of  a new after hour spot on Welcome Rd.

We found Lil Brazil tucked wayyyyy back off the road down a jagged driveway inside a two-story warehouse. At the time I didn’t know about the second floor. We walk up to the door and a few random chicks were trying to haggle the door guy over the admission fee. The door guy stood his ground and yelled, NEXTTT!! over their heads. I politely slid thru the two women and handed him a $20, he waved us through the door. We walked past the two females….still haggling the price. After we made our way though a few pool tables and several lounge areas, we wondered where everyone was hiding. Out of nowhere some guy walked up and asked us to join him upstairs.

We started a long journey up a winding rickety staircase in 4in. heels. A sigh of relief waved over us as we made up without a heel mishap. And here it is …. dancers on stage dancing to what seemed  like 10 song set sets on a free-standing pole, nude couch dances in the middle of the room, and a sad-looking VIP area.

A one room bathroom that’s unisex sits on the back wall. Outside the door sits an attendant with a well stocked table. Her set up included $1 loosies, lotions, body sprays, cigars, and much more. I took a peek inside and decided against squatting over that toilet or even entering. (Nopeeee not gonna happen) Everyone including the dancers uses this room. (Only God knows what happens in there.)

At this point the giggles and snickering between the two of us are nonstop. I immediately go to the bar and ordered a Heineken. I asked the bartender whats the name of this place and she shrugged and said “It really doesn’t have a name.” Oh God where am I?

Now my cousin-in-law is tapping me asking “Is that Mr. Marcus?” Of course I’m eagerly looking around the room for him. Suddenly I catch a glimpse of him … on the TV screen. That’s right its a skin flick featuring none other than Mr Marcus. Sweat and genitals across every TV screen.

Oh God, Where am I?

My cousin-in-law left me sitting at the bar as she made her way thru the crowd speaking to different people that she knew. I gazed thru the crowd looking for anything or anyone more interesting than what was presented at the bar.  My Heineken is halfway gone and a dancer named “Dasani” is still on stage. Its been at-least 6 songs now. Why is “Dasani” or was it “Aquafina” still on stage there are more than enough girls here tonight for 2-song sets.

We had had enough of this place.  I looked back at the TV screen over the bar and Mr. Marcus was still going strong. She and I walked over to the door and Ohhhh yeah the rickety winding staircase was still there taunting us. We made it to the bottom and two gentlemen were waiting and asked to escort us to our car. We were hesitant but needed some guidance with maneuvering through the broken pavement and gravel that was the parking lot.

Neither on of us could hardly wait to get home so we could thump my cousin (her boyfriend) in the head for bragging about this establishment.

Fast forward 5 months after my visit to Club Brazil.

Last Wednesday night Little Brazil was raided by Atlanta Police. This was a joint investigation conducted by VICE and License/Permits Units after receiving numerous complaints that some type of illegal adult entertainment/gambling operation at this location. Club Brazil is located in a two-story warehouse near Camp Creek on Welcome All Road in southwest Atlanta.

It had no business license or license to sell alcohol, but the club owner’s attorney told Moore off camera it operates as a private club. brazilian

Atlanta police Capt. Scott Kreher says “It was open to anybody who had enough money to pay the cover charge. It was just a small Las Vegas wrapped up in one building,”

“We’ve got pool tables, we’ve got video poker machines. We’ve got stripper poles for adult dancing.” Kreher said.

The owner is facing several charges, including operating a business without a license and several code violations.


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  1. Oh damn lol

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