Coalition DJs

“I called it months ago and here’s the proof.”

Atlanta strip clubs have become a hot bed for discovering musical artists, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. ~The Wall Street Journal

In Atlanta where strip clubs a proving ground for hip-hop songs aiming for
mainstream recognition, a powerful group called the Coalition DJs meets weekly to decide which tracks they will help break on the club scene and beyond. Meet some of the Coalition DJs.

Each member of Coalition DJs, as the group calls itself, is responsible for
spinning five new songs two to three times a night over an eight-week period,
working them in between better-known hits. Artists, who pay several thousand
dollars per song for the service, get a customized printout of data verifying
where and when their song was played.

The result is similar to what happens when radio programmers across the country add a record to their limited rotations: The sheer repetition turns many of the songs into instant hits—in this case, on the streets of Atlanta, hip-hop’s
unofficial capital city. That, in turn, can lead to record deals, radio airplay
and national exposure.


Coalition DJs, a group of the city’s most powerful music industry figures, choose which underground artists will ultimately make it into mainstream stardom and which will remain unknown.

DJ’s Profile

via The Wall Street Journal


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