… in other strip club news

They kept the dancers off the stage, and now they’ll have to pay. The City of Davenport is doling out hundreds of thousands of dollars to a local strip club.

It’s been an ongoing battle between ‘Chorus Line Adult Cabaret’ and the City of Davenport. But this expensive settlement has residents upset. “I think it’s crazy, I’m actually shocked.” You see back in 2009 the city wouldn’t renew the clubs adult entertainment license and closed it down, thinking having a racy store next door to it, went against city code.

“I think the city might have acted prematurely on this and now they’re going to have to pay a hefty price for that action.”

But since then courts have ruled against Davenport saying, they had no right to do so. And now, the City of Davenport has settled with the company for $270,000 in damages. “It’s been a long hard road and though the grace of hard work we’ve prevailed in this case.” says Chorus Line Attorney, Mike Meloy.

Pam Schumacher says there are many other things she’d rather see her money go towards. “Streets, parks, Credit Island.”

And she feels it’s a shame a strip club will trump them all.
“We don’t need to spend money for that, that’s for sure.”
A case that some residents hope can teach the city a thing or two.

“Obviously I don’t like that and maybe this will be a lesson for the city to check all their facts before they get into a fiscal liability.” The city has taken action to set up a task force that will make these decisions in the future, hopefully preventing more lawsuits from being made.

We also talked with Mayor Gluba to find out more details about the task force. He says they’ll have three attorneys, maybe retired and they will hear the cases so that there is no question of how the city is interpreting the ordinances or if they’re doing it properly. Gluba says the majority of the cases that this board will deal with are dog bite disputes and not strip club issues.

[NOTE: Kudos to Chorus Line Adult Cabaret]



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