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In April, a group of New York dancers settled with New York City’s Penthouse Executive Club for $8 million over a similar claim of unpaid wages. In July 2012, strippers in Atlanta received a $1.55 million settlement. And Kansas has ruled that, for the purposes of calculating state unemployment insurance benefits, strippers count as employees.


Four exotic dancers are suing Fantasy Gentlemen’s    Club in Grand Junction, Colo., claiming the club’s owner violated federal and state minimum-wage laws. The class-action lawsuit claims Fantasy made its dancers work only for tips, then took such a large cut of those tips that dancers sometimes made less than $7.25 per hour, the federally mandated minimum wage. Colorado state law dictates a minimum wage of $7.78 for some industries.

Kevin Eardly, the owner of the club, denied the charges and characterized the suit as a shakedown by a group of disgruntled strippers.

Fantasy’s case is particularly egregious. The club charged the dancers so many fees for the privilege of working there that, she said, dancers sometimes “ended up paying the club at the end at the night.”

According to the complaint, the club charged a fee per shift, then took a 25 percent cut of each private dance. At the end of the night, strippers had to hand over 14 cents out of every crumpled dollar they collected to pay bouncers and DJs. Strippers also collected “fines” for situations beyond their control, such as cases when a customer touched them inappropriately.

Even if a doctor says they’re sick, they get charged a fine. If they trade a shift, they get charged a fine. If a customer misbehaves, they get charged a fine.

“Any dancer complaining to customers about their personal lives will be fined,” the sign reads in all-caps. “They came here to have a good time not to hear about your bullsh*t!”

Independent contractors have more freedom. Employees have more rules.
These are employees, not independent contractors


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