Strip Church

“Strip Church” ministry based out of Nashville, Tenn. began after a pastor’s  wife fasted for 21 days in late 2012 for a new purpose, only to learn God was  calling her to reach out to strippers and women in the porn industry.

Stevens, who helps her husband, Todd Stevens, lead Friendship Community  Church in Mt. Juliet, Tenn., was bewildered but willing to serve so she made her  first call to a strip club in downtown Nashville, where according to Stevens,  the porn industry market is “huge.” After telling the manager of Déjà Vu that  she wanted to go to the club and take food for the dancers with no strings  attached, she was surprised that he invited her the following week.

“She doesn’t spread the gospel at Deja Vu, she just shows the girls love by  listening, being attentive, and answering any questions they may have about life  or faith,” said John Sanchez, general manager at Déjà Vu, to CP. “The reason she  was invited was because she didn’t try to ‘spread the word.””

During her first visit, Stevens took a home cooked meal to the club and  stayed for 45 minutes to hold conversation with the women. There were no “high  pressure sales pitch, no Bible and no tracts,” according to Stevens. Now, she  goes twice a month for an hour before the night shift begins. In addition, she  visits another club in the same area where she “shows God’s love in a practical  way.”

“I met one dancer that attends church regularly and even teaches Sunday school.  Many of them lead two separate lives, their friends and families don’t know they  dance,” said Stevens.

Another dancer that Stevens has met is Sarah, a single mother of two young  girls. After receiving a Mary Kay gift bag worth $150 from Stevens, she admitted  that she was a long time user of the brand’s facial products but could not  afford them anymore. Steven’s gesture was enough for Sarah to acknowledge God’s  love through Stevens’ actions and three months later, she gave her life to  Christ and quit stripping.

“She has now been baptized, is serving at our church, and plans to join a  community group. A recruiter that attends our church found Sarah a new job where  she is making close to what she made dancing and now, she goes with me on  Thursday nights to the clubs. Just like the woman at the well that experienced  Jesus and ran to town saying, ‘Come and see,’ Sarah goes into these clubs and  says, ‘Come and see a place where you will always be welcome. Come as you are,'”  said Stevens.



via The Christian Post


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