…in other strip club news [June 2013]


TAMPA — An accused pimp who escaped a raft of prostitution-related charges without serving prison time is now facing two decades behind bars after authorities say he committed a probation violation by visiting a Tampa strip club.

Charles Fox, 38, was arrested in 2011 and charged with deriving support from proceeds of prostitution, forcing another to become a prostitute and sex trafficking, among other offenses.

Tampa police officers said Fox brutally reigned over a group of young women he recruited from night clubs and restaurants, including Applebee’s. Fox prostituted the women using online ads, police said. When it came time to build a case against Fox, however, the women police described as his victims were unwilling to testify.

Fox was recently encountered by law-enforcement officers responding to a fight at Scores Gentlemen’s Club. He was out frequenting the adult entertainment establishments where he was once recruiting girls.

[Some people never learn]


Twenty-year-old Tiffany Evans of Albany, N.Y, was arrested and charged with possession of heroin with intent to distribute.

Springfield police say a passenger in a car that ran a red light tried desperately to hide some heroin, but because she was a stripper who had just left work, she wasn’t wearing enough clothes to conceal the drugs. Police say when she got out of the vehicle, 47 packets of heroin fell to the ground.


Mike McKeown ‘loves strippers’ and he’s not  afraid if everyone gets to know about it. McKeown runs a medical marijuana business in Washington State. He believes Bass (Bubba Brew’s owner) isn’t being fair, especially since he has patronized the bar shirtless several times over the last three years and never been harrassed previously. stripper tattoo

McKeown was recently banned from Bubba Brew’s, a floating sports pub on the shores of Norris Lake. The owner deemed his tattoos offensive.
Mike claims that he is being discriminated  against because of his body art and wants justice. The place has lax rules. It’s a beach environment. If you ban one guy with tattoos, then ban them all.

“I’ve seen people who, frankly, shouldn’t be in bathing suits at all and even Nazi tattoos there,” McKeown said. “The owner tries to make it seem like a family place, but how many family establishments have doormen checking ID’s?” “I don’t know my options, but I want to expose this. It’s wrong,” he said. “I don’t mind putting a shirt on, but make the others do it too.”








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