151 Proof


I’m standing at the managers desk talking to a few of the girls. I look up at the video cameras and saw that a customer was laying down in the grass. I alerted the manager and we shot out in the direction of the parking lot. When we get outside this guy is laying flat on his back. The manager checked to see if he was breathing ….he was. He then tells him that he’s got to leave before the cops come into the parking lot. The customer then tries to sit up and fails several times. I offered to call someone for him. He says he is staying at the hotel next door. The only problem is there is a pond between the parking lots and he is inches from falling in. He then reaches for his phone and calls someone, gives us the thumbs up tends passes back out. The door guy kept an eye on him until a cab arrived.

This guys was taking Jagger shots all night.


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