Aunt Cathy


In the middle of a very busy and chaotic shift one of my dancers pulls a urn out of purse. Me and two other dancers immediately stopped what we were doing and stared. My first instinct was to knock it out of her hand but I didn’t. I asked her if it was what I thought it was? She then says to me “oh this…yeah this is my aunt Cathy…I take her everywhere, she’s my good luck charm.” I tell her that most people carry a rabbits foot, 4 leaf clover maybe even a house shoe for good luck. But you carry around your aunts urn. Okkkkk….

Another dancer turns to me and says well does aunt Cathy have to pay a house fee because if I brought another woman with me she would have to pay a house fee. I looked at her and said you make a valid point and walked back to my desk.

Oh Xanax God’s where art thou?


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