Finally: The Weekend!

What's Your REAL Name?

Damnit. I came out of work all money-high from making a well-earned three stacks this week, only to dive straight into the bottomless, dark, damp hole of searching for stripper- and sex industry-related posts on WordPress. Now, I can’t stop angrily replying to morons who think all sex workers are exploited and pathetic. I’m fighting with strangers’ blogs online and they aren’t even around to reply. I need a new 8am hobby. Like sleep.

I’m not the least bit tired. Or exploited. Or sad about making $3,000 in less than thirty hours this week. 

I think I will celebrate my week with chocolate cupcakes and a lovely run on soft singletrack and pine-needle trails at the swamp. And gluten-free beer. And collecting an armload of dandelions for a batch of dandelion flower cookies.

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