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Ten years ago, Jesus Said Love (JSL) began as a small group of women that visited local strip clubs. Rather than trying to preach to or convert the dancers, they simply wore T-shirts that said, “Jesus Loves Strippers.”At first, people inside the club were taken aback. Was this some kind of joke? The women, however, began to hand out gifts and T-shirts to the dancers.

Beginning with this act of unconditional friendship, closer relationships began to develop. Soon the women were helping the dancers find support with “The House of Love” – JSL’s network of other charities, local churches, and small businesses.

Jesus Said Love is different than most organizations and government agencies. “Our organization focuses on relation and connection,” said Brett Mills, the CEO. “We meet dancers in their environment and begin building friendships.”

Strip clubs are easily overlooked and often scorned, so JSL’s mission is even more impacting. Through their efforts, they have seen countless examples of lasting change. They have helped numerous dancers transition into better employment, settle financial problems, and regain dignity and self-worth.

As an organization, Jesus Said Love fulfills a very distinct purpose – an outreach that invests time and money into building restorative relationships with those forsaken by society. The “Jesus Loves Strippers” shirts may seem startling at first, but they describe a deeper truth. JSL is a model for confidently vacating the comfort zone and embracing the call to share God’s love with those around us.

Looking toward the future, Jesus Said Love is focusing on hiring more staff members in order to increase their capacity for outreach. The best way to donate is at JesusSaidLove.com, where you can buy the T-shirts and even begin your own fundraising page.


One Response to “… in other strip club news”

  1. Ugh. What is “better employment,” and why do strippers need to “regain dignity and self-worth?”

    Every stripper I’ve met is sassy, often stubborn, and protective of who they are and their choices. I already have plenty of self-worth and dignity — and I’ll run anyone out of my club who implies it isn’t enough.

    To me, it is a good job. I have rough nights, but everyone has a bad day at work once in awhile. The money is good, I work less, my hours are flexible, I am in control of how I work…all the perks are there for me. Of course it won’t last forever and I’ll need to find something else I like…but for now, it is “better employment” (than waiting tables in a diner for $80/day or making $10/hour doing warehouse work).

    I seriously hate save-a-hos.

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