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Tennessee strip club bouncer shot with a arrow

James Bowling, 36, was pierced as he checked his cell phone outside The Ball Gentleman’s Club in Knoxville around 3:30 a.m., Knoxville Police Department spokesman Darrell DeBusk said. Bowling is usually stationed inside the club but had just finished his shift.

The burly Bowling, known as “Big B,” described to WATE the sizzling sound of the arrow coming from the woods behind him and then feeling the arrow penetrate the back of his shoulder. The pain radiated down his leg. Bowling said he looked behind him, panicked briefly and pulled out the arrow. The bouncer credits his thick muscles for limiting the damage.

Cops had no suspects as of Wednesday morning but were pursuing some leads, the spokesman added. Now, he told the station, he’d like a crack at the person who made him the bull’s-eye.

Man attacked after slapping away a strippers phone

A 47-year-old man was talking with a stripper when they got into an argument. The woman had a phone in her hand and the man slapped it away from her, which made her scream, according to police.

The scream prompted about 15 men to show up and begin punching the man, who also had his wallet taken from him, police said.

The attackers then left and have not been found. The man who was beaten suffered scratches to his face but declined medical treatment, according to police.


gold clubThe Gold Club’s owner is suing

      Horry County

The owner of a Gentlemen’s Club is suing Horry County after it was denied a business license to open a second club.

The company, MJJG Restaurant LLC, wants to open a nightclub on Kings Highway in the restaurant row area.

Horry County denied the request, saying the company violated zoning laws by operating the Gold Club on Jason Boulevard as an adult entertainment business instead of a nightclub.

Horry County said it repeatedly asked MJJG to discontinue adult entertainment at the Jason Boulevard location.

Horry County’s zoning director, Rennie Mincey, denied the company a business license for the new club, where Thee Old Doll House strip club used to be, arguing it may violate zoning laws there as well.

MJJG’s attorney alleged that this is unconstitutional and disputes the allegation that there were zoning violations at the Jason Boulevard club.

“It’s a prior restraint or censorship, if you will, about conduct that has not yet occurred. The denial was based upon the mindset and the assumption that the business would be based on a violation of a zoning ordinance when, in fact, there had been no opportunity to violate the zoning ordinance,” said attorney Kenneth Moss.

The company is seeking unspecified damages in the lawsuit for loss of business.


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