… in other strip club news

Alabama Church Raises ‘Strip for Me’ Billboard             The ROCK Church Sign

 Sign above a gentleman’s club paraphrases Biblical verse, encourages patrons to re-focus on family.

The ROCK Church of Birmingham bought billboard space in 10 locations throughout the city in hopes of sparking people’s interest in the Bible and, ultimately, affecting change in the community.

The location that’s getting the most notice is directly over the Palace Gentleman’s Club, where the verse from Hebrews 12:1 certainly commands attention.

“People say on Twitter that I’m a pimp because I put that outside the strip club,” he said. “I must admit, I am a pimp. I am a P-I-M-P. People is my passion. I love people.”

Click the link to read more —>  Alabama Church Raises ‘Strip for Me’ Billboard.

NOTE: I’m so confused.



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