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Talayna Clements,who danced at the Stadium Gentlemen’s Club on Queens Chapel Road, NE is suing her employer. Clements claims that she was fired because of her tattoo.

talanyaThe artwork in question spells the word “LOVE” down her side. The problem is that the word is spelled out in weaponry (the L is a handgun, the O is a hand grenade, V is a switchblade, and the E is a machine gun). Her employers stated that tattoo was undesirable, and fired her.

Clements also claims that she was not paid minimum wage, and was subjected to sexual harassment when she returned to the job. Part of her claimed harassment was being forced to perform sex acts on her boss to get her job back.

NOTE: I thought that this was the one area of work that tattoos were acceptable…Go figure

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-via NBC News


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