Gentlemen’s Club Etiquette for Couples


The Champagne Room and Beyond:
Gentlemen’s Club Etiquette for Couples

There was a time before the emergence of hip hop and music videos that a trip to the strip club was something that happened only for bachelor parties.  It was boys night out, and the only women present were the ones on stage.  Things are a little different now.  What happens in the Champagne Room is on TV and film, and you are just as likely to see a couple, as you are a group of bachelors.

Couples looking to ‘spice things up’ might consider a trip to the strip club as one of their options.  Prior to the outing there are few things that couples should discuss between themselves to ensure the best possible experience:

Communicate your expectations to one another.  Men if your partner has never been to the club explain what she will see.  Tell her about the layout, and the drink minimums. Explain to her the difference between when a dancer is onstage, doing a lap dance or in a private room. Ladies, explain your comfort level and what you think you are prepared to see (or not) and do (or not).

Establish boundaries and stick to them.  How long will you stay at the club?  Are you prepared to get a lap dance?  If so will it be just for him, or just for you, or both? How much are you willing to spend at the club?  Every club has its own rules, respect those rules and the women who perform for you.

While you are there have fun! Enjoy the music, and enjoy the scenery.  The club is designed to be a sexy and arousing experience. Take your time in the club to observe your partner.  Did your woman blush while a dancer was on stage?  Lean over and let her whisper in your ear what caught her eye.  Ladies did your man get excited?  Look him in the eye and tell him that you look forward to being the recipient of all of his excitement when you get home.

Once the night is over and you are back behind closed doors you may not be able to talk about your experience immediately, you may have more pressing issues to handle.  Do take the time to discuss your experience at some point; share what you liked or didn’t like!  Examining the shared experience of trip to the club can be the catalyst for future intimate moments with the two of you.

By Aphrodite Brown


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