… in other strip club news

Club Fetish had some surprise guests early Wednesday morning as two dozen Houston police officers stormed the Galleria-area “gentleman’s sports bar” for not securing proper city licensing.

Inside the after-hours club, law enforcement found a veritable treasure trove of violations.

At 2:45 a.m., the place was jammed with patrons who were drinking from an unauthorized bar and dining on food from the club’s shockingly dirty kitchen. FETISH1

Ladies danced naked. Marijuana and cocaine were tossed on the floor so customers could avoid arrest. A loaded gun was even discovered under the dance floor.

Houston Police Department spokesperson Jodi Silva tells CultureMap that officers arrested 15 individuals on charges ranging from prostitution and sexually-oriented activities to narcotics possession. Three guns were recovered, but no one claimed ownership.

A man saying he represented the after-hours bar told KHOU Ch. 11 that the raid was in retaliation for a complaint the club recently filed with the police. Without further details on the matter, HPD says it has been unable to verify that any complaint against the police was ever filed by anyone associated with club.


Meanwhile, Club Fetish isn’t one to just let the party stop. According to Twitter, it will be business as usual for the next eight months while a reported investigation continues. To celebrate the occasion, there’s even a special “celebrity guest” scheduled to appear Wednesday evening.

The club, however, does appear to be rethinking its food operation:


NOTE: This estabishment must NOT have a House Mom. Because there is NO way in Hell you would leave my dressing room looking like this. *rollin my eyes*FETISH3


-via Culture Map


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