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 Man beat wife in jealous rage over male stripper at house party

Kenneth Bryant was drinking alone at home when he found out the entertainer was at a neighbor’s house. A jealous husband beat his wife in a drunken rage after a stripper turned up at a house party she attended.

Kenneth Bryant, 49, was drinking alone at home when he found out the entertainer was at a neighbor’s house. The wife was left with a bruised and swollen face.

Bryant was convicted of assault and got a 12-week suspended jail term. Bryant and his wife split but have since reunited.

Moorhead man pleads guilty to raping pregnant exotic dancer jesse-paskey

A Moorhead man accused of tying up, choking and raping an exotic dancer who was seven months pregnant pleaded guilty Wednesday to one count of first-degree criminal sexual contact.

Paskey, a convicted sex offender, had been charged charged in Clay County District Court with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, felony kidnapping and second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon. The incident happened Dec. 23 in Paskey’s home, after the victim came there to perform a dance.

Exotic dancer slashed and choked

A cycle of violence led a man to choke his girlfriend and slash her face as they visited Kelowna, court heard Tuesday.
Steven Alexander McLaughlin was sentenced to seven months in jail for assault causing bodily harm and assault with a knife.
He said at trial that he acted in self-defence when he and the woman argued in his travel-trailer last summer.
Judge Anne Wallace rejected McLaughlin’s testimony, pointing to his greater size and strength. She acknowledged his father beat him as a child and was abusive to his mother, but admonished him for blaming others.
“Mr. McLaughlin grew up . . . learning violence as a way of life,” Wallace said. “While I have a great deal of sympathy for the upbringing you had . . . it’s not an excuse.
“You can’t continue to take the role of the victim. You have to . . . get to the root of what makes you angry and violent at times.”
McLaughlin, who’s from the Yukon, met the Calgary woman on Facebook.
They got together in Banff, Alta., and later planned a trip to Kelowna, where she had jobs lined up as an exotic dancer.
While at the Cadillac Lounge on Highway 33 on June 7, McLaughlin exchanged words with a Kelowna member of the Hells Angels. After the woman danced at Cheetah’s nightclub on Lawrence Avenue a week later, McLaughlin became agitated when he saw the same gang member at the Liquid Zoo.
The couple argued that night and broke up in McLaughlin’s trailer parked on Valley Road. He grabbed her around the throat, cut her forehead with a knife and threatened to throw her in Okanagan Lake, court heard.
She went to hospital for treatment. She had bruises on her neck, an injured jaw, a slash below her hairline and bruising on her back.
McLaughlin, 36, is facing similar charges in a separate incident with the same woman in the Yukon. He also breached his bail by calling her five times when she was in Calgary.
His temper flared during Tuesday’s sentencing. He stood in the prisoner’s box and told the judge four years have passed since he spoke to his father, who beat him as a child.
“Maybe it’s time he took some responsibility for that,” McLaughlin said.
“Well, maybe it’s time for you to stop doing exactly what the psychiatric report says is your big problem – putting the blame on everybody else, especially at your sentencing. It’s not standing you in good stead, sir. Have a seat,” the judge said.
The psychiatrist concluded McLaughlin poses a moderate-to-high risk of re-offending and recommended he take anger-management counselling.
Crown counsel Dave Grabavac said he doubts McLaughlin can change and suggested a jail term of at least 18 months.
Wallace took into account his aboriginal heritage and the fact he’s a good worker who supports his two kids. She sentenced him to six months for the assaults and another month for the breach. She gave him credit for the five months he spent in custody and placed him on probation for 18 months.
She banned him from using weapons except when he’s hunting for meat for his family.

-via The Daily Courier

Human trafficking in Detroit detroit

An 18-year-old woman working as an exotic dancer in Detroit was enslaved, investigators say, by 30-year-old Vinson Alexander of Florida and 27-year-old Taryn Johnson of Tennessee.

Investigators say they came here from Memphis in December and preyed on a vulnerable, young woman from Southeast Michigan.  It is alleged Johnson lured her in with promises that Alexander would take care of her. She was a dancer at the Penthouse strip club on Eight Mile.
The victim was so viciously attacked she required medical attention. The state attorney general has charged the pair with human trafficking.  Alexander is also charged with torture.

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