Exotic Boxing… Sports Cabaret…

Remember the days when strip club promoters had beautiful women sloshing around in a pool of Jell-O or just nasty ass mud. Welp, it’s a new day and the ladies are now laying paws on each other inside of a cage or boxing ring with a referee of course. It seems like someone may have something here. Instead of fighting in the dressing rooms and parking lots. For once let’s try duking it out in a cage…. I’ll pay to see that.
This way nobody gets fined, suspended or even worst…fired!

• Exposure Sports Cabaret in Dallas, Texas
• Club Cheetah’s in Phoenix, Arizona
• Inferno in Greensboro, North Carolina

Just to name a few clubs that offers a place to eat, drink and watch women in skimpy attire hash it out. If you’re lucky you may just get to see a nipple. LoL

Note: Every club across America should try this idea.


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