Club Crush reported as a ‘nuisance’ strip club … again


A Richland County Sheriff’s deputy writes a ticket to a stripper who was arrested Saturday during a raid at Crush Gentleman’s Club. When deputies entered the club, the woman was wearing a black lace teddy with knee-high black boots. A single $1 was hanging from a garter belt around her leg. She was ordered to change into street clothes then was charged with performing without a sexually oriented business permit, which dancers must have if they are not club employees. The woman, who had a Virginia driver’s license, asked deputies if the arrest would jeopardize her plans to become a police officer. Click the link to read more —–>

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RICHLAND COUNTY, SC – Richland deputies raid ‘nuisance’ strip club again – Crime & Courts –


3 Responses to “Club Crush reported as a ‘nuisance’ strip club … again”

  1. oh yeah, I got a ticket for a guy putting his arm around me as I was delivering beers to a table (I had an entertainers license but would waitress too)…I had a good lawyer got off on that one…i could see if I was lap dancing or something…they want money from tickets…T

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