… in other strip club news

*Shots rang out at a Miami-Dade strip club.  Click link to read more —>


*Drinker runs up $28,000 bar bill in Hustler Club – then sues staff for serving him because he was too drunk to say no.

Moral of this story boys and girls “Know your limit” #HouseMomProverb

Click link to


*Yakima makes it harder for potential club owner to open.  They’ll have to get three separate licenses: a business license, an adult entertainment enterprise license and any dancers or entertainers will have to get a special license. Click link to read more —>


*Witness says that his brother had a permit to carry the gun and would have only used it to defend himself.  Click link to read more —>


*Man disarmed a gunman and prevented a strip club bouncer from being shot.

Click link to read more —> http://www.stargazette.com/article/20121211/NEWS01/312110028/Two-Elmira-men-held-Pa-strip-club-fight?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE&nclick_check=1


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