Buh Humbug!

From Day 1 I was told not to get too attached to these women because dancers come and they go … I didn’t listen. I did not prepare myself for what was about to happen. Almost every girl that I have looked after in the last 6 months are now gone. Just like that gone as if they were never here. A total of 6 girls was either banned or fired from the club in a week’s time. 3 got into a fight, 1 got arrested, another was found with drugs and the last one well, she just vanished. And my favorite waitress has also left me. There wasn’t anything I didn’t do for this squad of women. We talked, laughed, listen to one another, encouraged, and even refereed for each other at one point. But this group of women was different they showed me a behind the scenes glimpse into their world. *2 Chainz voice* I love dem strippers.



Since my babies were told to never return the tension in the club has become so thick. There is tension between new employees and old employees. This place has completely turned upside down. What was once an interesting and never dull moment atmosphere has turned into a place of full of Gloom Gus’. Literally overnight my job became a job. Regular customers have also started to scattered. These new girls have not bought in any new customers and on top of that it’s almost Christmas making times harder for everyone.

Last week was unbelievably awkward. Every time I walked into the dressing room and saw newly emptied lockers I wanted to tear up. Now I know how parents feel when something tragically happens to their kid and want to leave their bedrooms untouched. I wouldn’t dare let anyone use one of my babies’ lockers. I’ve been hearing rumors and wise cracks like “I guess now we can make some money since those girls are not here”. Well guess what you are still not making any money since those girls left, so pipe down. There will be NO slander of any kind against my babies in my presence.

Now my outlook and demeanor has changed towards the girls. I remember when I gave out hugs when someone arrived now I give out cold stares and fines. There was a time when I would take Crown Royal shots in the dressing room with the girls; anything to get us thru the night.  I no longer want to decorate the dressing room for holidays. I had serious plans for the Christmas decorations too. They’ll be lucky if they get a candy cane from me… Buh Humbug!

blog bah humbug


Once upon a time I graciously supplied the girls with whatever they needed. If I didn’t have it I went out and got it. Now things are being rationed out like a government stimulus check. My new motto is No TIPS… No SUPPLIES. For example instead of the usual free-for-all basket of goodies being left on my desk; I now sell Ziploc bags with a couple sheets of baby wipes for a $1, garter belts 2 for $10. Want a tampon? …that’ll be $5, please.  Or I might do a little care package for a small fee of course. And I’m still trying to figure out a way to make my money back from my hand sanitizer dispenser.

Now there are a slew of new girls. Every last one of them walks around with a stick up their ass. Boasting and bragging about how “professional” they are. Well if you’re sooooo “professional” then you should know that it’s common courtesy to tip the house mom. These new girls don’t seem to understand that WE are all here for the almighty dollar. I don’t bother remembering names anymore I just say “Hey you!” or snap my fingers. I find myself rolling my eyes whenever one of the new girls is mentioned. (btw I just did) To hell with these “new girls” every last one of them. In my opinion a few act like undercover cops waiting to bust someone. Only time will tell how this all turns out. Stay tuned…….


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  1. Lol 25¢ a squirt from the hand sanitizer dispenser

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