“Ask and You Shall Receive”


In less than two months I’ve seen a few fights and they were all one of a kind. And every time I was unable to get footage. *rollin my eyes*

This fight was between two of the dancers. (I changed the names to avoid further embarrassment.) Now Violet has been running her mouth all night about Jennifer to anyone that would listen. Violet has no clue that Jennifer is here with her sister and a cousin. Did I mention that the trio of girls are all of Haitian descent….. I didn’t ….ok… well now you know.

Violet comes up the stairs hands me her ticket and heads to the dressing room. She walks back by my desk and says “good night, Ma.” And me being a cordial person I said “good night Hun see you tomorrow.” After 30 mins or so Jennifer and her cousin comes shooting pass me at my desk rushing into the dressing room. My antennas are up and I’m in hot pursuit of these girls. What’s goin on? What happened? The girls are talking in incomplete sentences. I try and piece together who they were talking about. I finally figured out that they were ranting and raving about none other than Violet who I thought left 30 mins ago. Well little did I know Violet was still downstairs and was at the bar eating some wings. So I rushed downstairs to check in with the house manager. But instead I found Violet standing in the front doorway now her clothes are torn and she’s wigless. *priceless* She’s calling out to me “Ma, those bitches got me for my money and my phone…they gonna pay for this shit.” Now Jennifer and her cousins are over my shoulders taunting Violet. (I’m cracking up inside) So now I have to search these girls’ bags before they leave. I searched the trios belonging and found no trace of a phone and who’s to say what money belongs to whom. So I let the trio leave. By the way they’re still taunting Violet as they’re being escorted from the building. I can’t what just happened so I walk over to the bar and a random college kid stops me and says “Damn that’s the best $4 I’ve ever spent.” (admission) After everything calms down I go over to the bar to get the REAL scoop from the waitress (I love her…she be knowing errrything) Here is how my favorite waitress says it went down

Violet: *passes by Jennifer and runs over her feet with a suitcase*

Jennifer: Hey you could at least say excuse me.

Violet: U don’t want nunna this *walks away*

A little while later at the bar…

Violet: I don’t fight females Ive been known to hurt females I fight niggas…yada, yada, yada…blah,, blah, blah

Jennifer: *showing self-constraints while sitting with a customer* says or does nothin

Violet: turns to another dancer and continues talking “cash shit” about Jennifer (not knowing she’s talking to Jennifer’s cousin) *priceless*

Jennifer:*still cool as a cucumber*

Violet: *slams money down on the bar* “I’ll give any bitch $100 who can beat my ass”

Jennifer: *springs to her feet* pops Violet in the back of her head grabs a hand full of her hair slams her head into the bar and whips her offa the bar stool and into the ATM behind her.

Violet: *trying to get up*

Jennifer is now stomping and kicking Violet. By now the bouncers are involved. They can’t separate the girls. One of the bouncers decides to tase Jennifer. Jennifer still has a hold of Violet’s hair and shows no sign of letting go. Finally they separate the ladies. Jennifer strides back over to the bar grabs her $100 that she just won and heads upstairs. Did I mention that Jennifer never once came outta her stripper heels. This is when the Haitians pass me at my desk. Mannnnnn I woulda gave up some money to have seen this fight with my own eyes.


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