Watermelon Brawl

A regular customer brings the wait staff a watermelon like he does every Saturday evening. The waitress leaves her watermelon on top of the cooler until the end of her shift. As the night goes on a bachelor party arrives and everybody is already hammered. The bartender decides she’s not going to serve one of the guys anymore because he’s drunk. Of course this upsets the rest of the party. In the middle of arguing with the bartender about drinking and driving safely (btw these guys arrived in a limo) One guy decides he wants the watermelon from the cooler. He’s asking everyone about that watermelon. He finds out it’s the waitress’s watermelon ….he’s offering money to barter …and tries to barter… all for that watermelon. The waitress is not having it. So he decides to shake her and a customer gets involved. Now he’s determined to get this watermelon he makes a mad dash pass the bar. Now the rest of the bachelor party gets involved and here comes the bouncer. The fight moves to the outside where the bouncer mace the whole crowd. Moral of the story is you know you in the South when a fight breaks out over a watermelon.



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