10 (Un)Important Things Dancers Hate


*I can only attest for my house and in my house I hear some of the most ridiculous rants ever.*

  1. Getting their ass licked by complete strangers while they’re on stage.
  2. A customer telling them that they could stand to lose a few pounds. (Men are PIGS!)
  3. Another dancer after their regular customer.
  4. Staying later than scheduled.
  5. How many VIP’s has another dancer made so far (GET UR OWN!)
  6. When their favorite flat iron gets missing. (apparently dancers love straight hair)
  7. Another dancer getting more stage time than her.
  8. When customers take it upon their selves to put a tip in her T-bars. (wait until she offers)
  9. When their lashes won’t stay on.
  10. When I banned them from drinking for the night.

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